About Marketing Harmony

Meet Your Marketers

We are focused on helping small businesses achieve success by aligning all of their marketing efforts, from their website presence, to social media, email campaigns, digital marketing efforts, and more.

Small businesses face their own set of challenges when it comes to establishing a presence in their local or national market. Ensuring that each aspect of your brand is functioning and thriving can be a monumental task, and we know you’re working hard to make your dream happen.

Marketing Harmony started as a way to officially get together a few industry experts, in order to better offer a holistic marketing approach to small businesses across the country. Our team is small, but passionate and powerful… and we put your success at the forefront of everything we do.

Harmony Hays, Founder

I have been an avid people-watcher and sociological experimenter since my days as a 6-year-old Saturday Night Live comedienne wannabe.

Those social observations gathered over the years made for an easy transition to marketing from my first career in the fashion industry. Understanding the economics behind human behavior, and the human behavior behind economics has been the driving force for my desire to create a compelling conversation between small businesses and their audiences. I have been involved in Affiliate Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Digital and e-Commerce Marketing, with roles that allowed me to develop from Manager to Strategist, into my latest role as Vice President of Marketing for a B2B/B2C retail company.

Now I spend my days happily helping small businesses grow into their potential!

George Amaya, Developer

George has an insatiable curiosity for all things code. His other likes include white-washed industrial brick walls, and his main dislike is having professional portraits done.

In all seriousness though, George is the most prolific self-taught developer in the land, motivated by his inner nerd to learn by trial and error, and eventually supplement his knowledge by majoring in mathematics and minoring in computer science. He has led teams of developers for a range of companies, including retail, software, education, and more.

He has been an integral part of Marketing Harmony, driven by ability to translate a client’s needs and wants into something feasible and tangible.

Nate Casimiro, Strategist

Nate is our “many hats” person…because he is supremely talented at everything he takes on. He has worked a myriad of roles with companies that have wide-ranging niches. From tech to retail, and government to gamers, Nate is highly adaptable and knowledgeable when it comes to marketing and strategy.

He has:
– Launched five corporate websites ranging from event promotion to software services.
– Personally created over 500 unique email distributions and advised on hundreds more.
– Guided numerous integrations between CRM, CMS and marketing automation systems.
– Implemented numerous compliance initiatives, from ADA to GDPR, CASL and CCPA.

Nate will provide the kinds of valuable insights that seem easy, but bring the kind of ROI that make you want to dance.

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